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Foundations is a discipleship program appropriate for all followers of Jesus Christ.

It does not assume you know anything about the Bible, and will teach you basic Bible content and beliefs.


We encourage you to take all the classes in Foundations, beginning with Life is a Journey in the order they are listed.


Below is a listing of the courses within the Foundations course track,

and their associated teacher, in suggested order of completion:


Life is a Journey

Bible Survey, A Big Screen Perspective

52 Major Stories of the Bible

Understanding the Old Testament

Understanding the New Testament

A Guide to Christian Beliefs

Why I Trust My Bible

Spiritual Formation and Devotional Intimacy

Essentials of Worship

A Short Course on Evangelism


Dr. Bill Mounce  

Dr. Bert Downs  

Dr. Bill Mounce 

Dr. Paul House  

Dr. Craig Blomberg 

Prof. I. Howard Marshall

Dr. Bill Mounce

Dr. Gary Thomas

Dr. Gary Parrett

Dr. Robert Tuttle, Jr.



After you complete Foundations, go deeper in your biblical and theological training with classes in the Biblical Training Academy which offers more in-depth studies of the Old and New Testaments, and theological studies to broaden and deepen your biblical knowledge.