Upcoming Events at FBC

DATE: Nov 29, 2017
TIME: 6:00 PM


Attention, all parents of children, ages 6-12: We all know how tough raising kids can be. No one is an expert. But, if you’d like to be a calmer, more confident, more competent parent, if you’d like to understand your child’s behavior better and find ways to encourage cooperation, rather than competition, and if you’d like to do that with other parents who want to learn the same things, then this is your chance to “get in STEP.” STEP stands for Systematic Training for Effective Parenting. This program has been around for over 40 years. Over 3 million parents have benefitted from this low key, supportive group educational experience. Beginning November 29th at 6 pm, over 7 Wednesday evenings at FBC Inverness, Mark Beck, a former pastor and licensed mental health counselor in the community will lead this program. This is NOT therapy. As a group, we will learn with and from one another. Moms and dads, single parents, custodial grandparents, anyone living with kids between the ages of 6 and 12 are welcome to attend, but you must sign up. The class is free and materials will be provided. Don’t miss this chance to improve your knowledge and skill as you raise your kids. Call the church office to sign up (352-726-1252). Seating is limited.